How Mining Works - Sustainability/Community


The mining industry has an important role to play in a sustainable society, providing the needed minerals and natural resources that support our various standards of living and quality of life. Minerals produced and delivered in a responsible way allows us to play a positive role in our society's transition to a sustainable future. The mining industry has embraced the concept of sustainability and the triple goals of economic, social and environmental sustainability. This is a necessary process toward securing social license to operate and gaining an edge over competitors in an increasingly discerning and ethical marketplace.



How to maximize the development benefits of mining while improving the environmental and social sustainability can be identified as:

  • Address the environmental
  • economic, health and social impacts
  • and benefits of mining throughout their life cycle, including workers' health and safety
  • Enhance the participation of stakeholders, including local and indigenous communities and women
  • Foster sustainable mining practices through the provision of financial, technical and capacity-building support to developing countries and countries with economies.