Mining in Daily Life - Metals


Mining is a vital part of our lives. It provides the minerals and metals we depend on for every part of our daily lives. Explore our site to learn more about how mining impacts you every day. The more you dig, it all starts with mining! From seat belts to smartphones, transition metals play an important role in our daily lives. Check out how copper, gold and molybdenum are metals with mettle. With this interactive activitiy, you can explore Earth's natural resources and investigate the many ways you interact with metals every day. How many times throughout each day do you use something that comes from a mine?


From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, almost every single item you use contains minerals and metals that came from a mine somewhere around the world! Mining impacts your life in ways you can't even imagine. Minerals and metals are in cell phones and transportation, paints and jewelry, buildings and even dog and cat food. In fact, everything that is not grown comes from a mine! See how many items you come in contact with every day that come from a mine.


Explore these minerals: Copper - Gold - Molybdenum



How Metal Mining Works


How gold is produced at an active mine. (Nevada Mining Association)



Base metal mining - underground (Vale Mining Company)



Base metal mining - surface (Vale Mining Company)