Modern Mining Projects


Modern mines are far removed from Mining history – for a start the technological advances that we have all enjoyed in our own lives have had a positive impact in mining environments as well.


They are cleaner, safer to work in and more sympathetic to their environment. Much of the equipment is computer controlled which means it can be operated remotely, something which has had a significant impact on safety for those working in mines. Another element which has been improved is the ventilation of mines, which are fitted with systems to keep large volumes of fresh air flowing, which makes for a more pleasant working environment.


Many companies are developing a preferred mining method with different techniques. The partial extraction technique uses modern high production mining equipment, combined with a very flexible method, which will enable the system to deal with geological issues.


    The technique includes:


  • Drive main gateroad tunnels using a bolter miner
  • Drive runout roadways using a bolter miner
  • Chevron cut pockets into the pillars on retreat along the runouts, using a continuous miner and mobile powered roof supports
  • Coal loaded from machine and transported a short distance to the conveyor by shuttle cars.


Mining In Colorado